Why You Should Drink Coffee After A Great Meal

You prepared yourself a great meal, and you devoured it. Feels good right? What if I told you that drinking coffee after a great meal will just make the whole experience much better than you would think that it can be?

Everyone knows that coffee is delicious and it goes great after a great meal, however, there are tons of other benefits you can get when drinking coffee after a meal. I have written this article based on tons of research and consultation with experts so I won’t give any wrong information to you. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The biggest reason you should drink coffee after a heavy or otherwise meal is to aid digestion. There are a lot of cultures that practice this after every meal. Italians for example, drink coffee after every single meal, be it a breakfast or late night dinner. They drink espresso after every meal as a digestif. It is known that coffee improves digestion, helping the meal get digested properly by your organs and it is known that coffee acts as a laxative for most of us, so you get the idea. A combination of proper digestion and elimination of food, are keys to a healthy and happy body.

One other reason that has been proved in recent years as to why you should drink coffee, be it after a meal or whenever you want, is that it boosts your mood. We associate coffee as a morning pick me up, and after a good meal comes a little phase of drowsiness, from the body trying to digest the food and the blood pressure levels dropping. Coffee helps eliminate those symptoms and helps you get back on with your day after a great meal. On top of all that people who regularly drink coffee after a meal have 20 percent less risk of depression than non-coffee drinkers. This research paper was done on a group of people with various backgrounds with various amounts of coffee, and more coffee less depression was concluded.

Another good reason to drink coffee after every meal is promoting a healthy weight, be it a healthy weight loss or gain. Of course, if you drink a venti vanilla latte after a meal, it won’t promote weight loss, but you get the idea.
Also, it is a nice way to socialize, and families that tend to have a coffee tradition after meals generally are happier and have better communication. There are absolutely no disadvantages to this.

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