Unusual Bathroom Planter

I, like many people, enjoy flowers and plants, indoors and outside. Do you? Have you made a baby shoe planter, a cheese grater planter, or a glove planter? They’re all fun projects that add unusual and interesting home accents in any room. Add another unique planter to your home: a toilet paper planter!


  • Roll(s) of toilet paper
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Real flower in glass tube or fake flower


I’m one of those people who loves unusual things in my home. I like it when someone asks me about my candy bar magnets on the fridge or my driftwood centerpiece on the dining table. If something is a little unusual or eye-catching, that’s for me. What about you? Do you like home accents that get people talking? Things that make people ask you where you got such a decoration? If so, you’ll love the toilet paper planter.

A roll of toilet paper might not seem like the nicest planter but you’ll love it in the bathroom, but probably nowhere else. Still, in the bathroom, it looks simply adorable. Gone are the days of colored toilet paper but you can still turn that plain, white roll into a pretty but unusual flowerpot. Since water and toilet paper don’t mix well you’ll have to make a planter that is a little different than others.

If you set a roll of toilet paper on a shelf, on the back of the toilet, or on the counter, all you have to do is put some silk flowers in the top opening. Since the roll will be sitting, you won’t need a bottom for the planter. If you prefer real flowers and plants, though, you’ll need a cylindrical container. Slide a glass tube or similar object inside the opening and put the plant in it.

A ribbon, wrapped around the toilet paper roll, definitely makes the flowerpot more attractive. Just tie a wide ribbon around the middle of the roll and make a bow in the front. Or, wrap the ribbon and then glue on a painted wooden shape, a silk flower, or another accent.

Another option that you have when making the planter is to completely change the look of the toilet paper roll. Cut a large circle of cloth, set the roll on it, and bring the edges up to tuck inside. Slide the silk flower or glass tube into the opening. With the fabric cover on the toilet paper roll the ribbon wrap is optional. Line two or three planters along the back of the toilet or just set a single toilet paper flowerpot on the counter. Lots of people make planters out of empty toilet paper rolls but yours will be much more adorable.

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