How to Cook Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a great looking and excellent tasting dish that can be served as a main course and does not require many side dishes since it already has both meat and vegetables in it.
You will need large or medium bell peppers, 1-2 lb hamburger meat, 1 cup rice (cooked or instant), one can of tomato soup, 1-2 eggs, some salt, and a little ketchup.

For more colorful look, take bell peppers of different colors: red, yellow, orange, and green. Wash them, remove the stems and seeds. The peppers are ready for stuffing.

If frozen, hamburger meat needs to be completely thawed. Put it in a large bowl, add eggs, tomato soup, and rice. If you are using instant rice, add in uncooked; regular rice needs to be boiled first. Sprinkle some salt and mix everything together with your hands. Now the stuffing is ready as well.

The next step is not necessary, but it adds some flavor. Take a bottle of ketchup and pour just a little into each pepper. After that, fill the peppers with hamburger mixture.

The peppers can be cooked on the stove, in the oven, or in a steamer. The steamer gives excellent results, the peppers will be done evenly and thoroughly without ever getting burned. It is a very healthy way to cook, too. Depending on how many you make and whether you want the pepper shell still a little crunchy or soft, steam them for 30-50 minutes, covered.

If you prefer stove top, you can cook the peppers in a large, deep frying pan or skillet, sprinkling it with some cooking oil beforehand. You will have to watch the peppers to prevent burning. The oven is the least recommended choice because it tends to make pepper shells all wrinkly.

Serve the stuffed peppers hot, with steak sauce or ketchup. Some people like them with sour cream.

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