Food Review: Oreo Cakesters Will Never Compare to an Oreo

Oreo Cakesters are perfect for the kids and a box of twelve will cost fewer than three dollars in your favorite grocery store. It is a rich soft cake like cookie filled with a creaming icing that does not compare with the chocolate Oreo that millions of us have come to love since childhood.
Oreo Cakesters are a very quick and delicious snack for the kids but even thought these have the Oreo name, sure do not have the same taste, to me. I have tried both types with chocolate and vanilla icing I found both types to be very sweet. The taste though is not as a traditional Oreo by any stretch of the imagination and the only things that these snacks have in common is the Oreo name.

Do not get me wrong they are tasty, but they taste like devils food cake with a sweet creamy vanilla filling and the chocolate flavored cookie is good but not Oreo quality. When I want an Oreo, I want an honest to goodness hard Oreo cookie that I can dunk in a glass of ice-cold milk when I have the craving. If you were to dunk an Oreo cakester into a glass of milk and you will get a mushy mess that is not edible.

There is no other cookie, which compares in reality to an Oreo, which have a great flavor, which cannot be duplicated in any fashion. The Oreo Cakesters just do not compare in my opinion to a delicious Oreo, which have been around since my childhood.

You cannot make a delicious Oreo crust with an Oreo cakester, unless you want a mushy mess. Try making an Oreo pie with cakesters and it just will not work out, simply because you need crumbs not mush in a pie you know what I am speaking of, you take a bunch of Oreos and crush them and pour them into a pie pan and add some vanilla pudding. Top it off with your Oreo pie with cool whip and you have a delicious pie to enjoy, try doing that with a cakester, and you will get a mushy mess.

How about an Oreo cakester parfait, does it sound good to you? That just does not even sound good to me by any stretch of the imagination it is a chocolate mess in my opinion. A nice creamy pudding parfait layered with creamy vanilla pudding and Oreo cookie crumbs, sounds wonderful though. Parfaits are great anytime, with almost any type of pudding, but never good with some things like a chuck of cake with overly sweet icing.

A country fairs you can get a fried Oreo, which are great beyond words, but can you imagine doing that with a cakester, I will not even try that fried mushy mess.

This new ‘fangled snack’ as my Grandpa Wright would have said, will never replace an honest to goodness chocolate Oreo cookie. In my opinion, anyways for what it is worth I did buy them for my kids, and tried it but never will it in my opinion replace the Oreo cookie that I have come to love over the years.

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