Angel Food – Banana Trifle

We had guests coming to supper at 7:00 P.M. last evening. Since I’d been writing the better part of the day, it was already 4:30 in the afternoon before I seriously considered what dessert was going to be. I had bought a couple of angel food cake mixes the week before and still had one left. So then my next thought was, how do I dress up an angle food cake for a company meal? The most logical choice was some kind of sauce with a fruit. Checking the fruit bowl in the pantry, my choices were apples or bananas. Because of time constraints I chose bananas. What would go well with bananas? Banana pudding would have been perfect but since I didn’t have any, I chose a couple of boxes of sugar-free, fat-free vanilla instant pudding instead. Since I don’t have a stemmed crystal bowl, I located a crystal salad bowl that can pinch hit for one. Locating a container of cool whip in the freezer, I knew I was in business. I had the ingredients to make a trifle.

Confetti Angel Food Cake

  • 1 cake mix
  • 1 ¼ cups of water

Stir in a bowl for 60 second on medium mixer speed. Pour into an ungreased angel food cake pan. Bake in preheated oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, or until cracks in top of cake are dry. Then invert angel food cake pan over a bottle until cake is thoroughly cool.

Lush Vanilla Sauce

  • 2 packages of sugar-free fat-free instant vanilla pudding (3.5 oz.)
  • 3 cups cold skim milk
  • 1 eight ounce container of Cool Whip

Mix together in large bowl on low speed with mixer for two minutes. Pudding will be set in 5 minutes.

  • 5 bananas

Peel and slice 5 bananas and stir into pudding mixture.

Use serrated knife to cut around the edges of the angel food cake when cool.

Turn it upside down on a plate.

In a clear bowl, layer torn pieces of cake and pudding in until all ingredients are used. Layers should be visible through the sides of the bowl.

Serve in smaller serving size crystal bowls.

This dessert was very colorful since the confetti angel food cake mix was used to make it. The creamy vanilla pudding was a soft buttery yellow color through the clear sides of the bowl. Using skim milk and fresh fruit took a delicious taste to a more calorie conscious level. It was simple to make and yummy delicious trifle.

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