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2014 Holiday Pies
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  Individual 5" Whole 9"
Spiced Pumpkin $7/ea. $23/ea.
Butterscotch-Praline Cream $7/ea. $23/ea.
Salted Caramel Apple, Oatmeal-Crumb $7/ea. $23/ea.
Chocolate Bourbon Walnut-Pecan $8/ea. $30/ea.
Christmas Cran-Apple-Cherry $7/ea. $23/ea.
* (Gluten-Free) Chocolate Bourbon Walnut-Pecan $8/ea. $31/ea.
* (Gluten-Free) Spiced Pumpkin $7/ea. $24/ea.
Rosemary Winter Veggie Quiche $7/ea. $22/ea.
Quiche Lorraine $7/ea. $22/ea.
Breakfast Burrito Quiche $7/ea. $22/ea.
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* Pick up available Wed. Dec. 24th between 8a-6p.
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Questions Regarding Holiday Orders?
Phone: 720-479-8690
Humble Pie Store | Denver, CO
  • "The puff pastry-crowned Beef Short Rib Pie is an extraordinary treat..." - Aurora Centennial
  • "Stop bragging about your cake for once and hit up the The Humble Pie Store,
    the nook-ish new home of the farmer's market slice-slinger" - Thrillist
  • After her first lunch at Humble Pie: "I didn't like it....I loved it!" - Gabby Gourmet
  • Set in a sunny corner at Third Avenue and Elati Street, Brink's sweet and savory line up of pies,
    quiches, croissants, muffins, galettes, and even pie shakes, is nothing short of dreamy. - 5280
  • "...pie geeks are snapping them up faster than she can bake them" - Westword
  • "Look for pie paradise..." - Denver Eater